25 thoughts on “Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

  1. The fact is that you are pretend a fool for that facts. Messi is only fast cheater and nothing more. FACT BIG AS HOUSE!

  2. I totally disagree Messi is not a leader. He may not be the most vocal, but ever since getting the captaincy, he has really started to perform like one. There’s no doubt he is perfect captain material, as he is someone who is obviously capable of being ispirational with how he plays. Based on his achievements but more importantly, his ability and consistency, he is clearly one of the best ever.. There are very few players in the history of football who have been as good as him.

  3. Like I said, I’m not saying Argentina have poor players because obviously they have some top class players… but looking at the tournament in South Africa, even though Messi was not at his best at the world cup, Argentina would have still lost to Germany, even had he performed because they conceeded four goals against a very good German side. For Argentina to win a world cup, there needs to be a team performance, not just from Messi.

  4. Like I say, he’s 25, so can’t be judged yet. I’m a huge Maradona admirer but he was not 26 until he won the world cup and the same goes for Zidane, both these players were greats but they did not deliver for their country until that age. Ronaldo and Pele were the exceptions but both as amazing as they were, played in strong Brazil teams.

  5. Messi is a Great player, but he is not a leader. He’s not leading his country like Pele or Beckenbauer did. i’m not telling you that he’s a bad player, indeed actually i think he’s the best in the world in this moment. But is not one of the best in history, not like his countrymate Maradona. All this “Messi best of the history” thing is just shitty opinions by the media. But believe me, he’s not a leader and he won’t be at least not like Maradona, Pele, Beckenbauer or Zidane the historic ones

  6. Messi still is only just turned 25, you talk like his international career over.. And compare the strength of the sides at international level those players played in to Messi’s Argentina. Argentina have top class attacking players but their defence has been shambolic. To win world cups, the whole team has to perform. And at club level, Messi has achieved more than enough to be considered one of the best ever. A player should be judged on consistency and longjevity, not just based on wc’s.

  7. Ronaldo, Pele and Zidane. They’re legends won world cups and were heroes with their countries. Messi… well he made hat tricks in friendly matchs against Brazil U-23

  8. Lol, a fact.. so you honestly think around 36 goals were offside and the other half was penalties? Show me all the goals that were offside? You’re talking absolute tripe. He had 14 pens in total, not 36 and they were pens, with the exception of a few bad calls.. And where’s the proof that those players are better? With the exception of the Ronaldo, not CR and Pele, Zidane (Ronaldinho at his best) the rest aren’t talked about as the best ever.

  9. I am not beacon of knowledge but that is fact what I said and you know that but you pretend like a foolish man! WHY?

  10. well at least ronaldo dosent need the best club team in history barca who are virtully the great spain team behind him,,he also dosent need favourtism to get the nod to win ballon d or and other induval awards,,,ronaldos a prooven legend in 2 teams,,whereas messis a legend in the best team ever,,,and for certin you pur messi and ronaldo on the same team ronald owould be the star and top scorer,,yes messi would assist more but ronaldo would be top dog of the club,,thats why hees the best

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