MLS matches can be viewed from Facebook

One month ago it was confirmed that Facebook had teamed up with Univision in order to expand the availability of MLS matches to anyone in the United States as it’s only accessible for people residing in USA.

The head of Facebook’s global sports partnerships is Dan Reed and he revealed a few details concerning this recent feature to the online social media website as he said: “Even if they’re not at the stadium, people can watch the game on Facebook with a great view of the action while interacting with a highly-engaged community of fans’’

Being able to stream sports matches is something that has recently been picking up in different social media platforms for various sports and one example of this new trend is twitter as it was allowed to stream NFL games which began in the previous season and Hockey League games as well as PGA Tour matches was also recently given the green light to be streamed on twitter. Continue reading MLS matches can be viewed from Facebook


US soccer star Landon Donovan has been awarded the inaugural Walt Chyzowych Distinguished Playing Careeer Award, according to reports.

The Major League Soccer star picked up the award at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America convention in Los Angeles this year.

The event used to be for a lifetime achievement in soccer, usually for a coach but this year had a new twist in it being awarded to a player. The location of the convention and the timing were all just in Donovan’s favour. There was no player that could have beaten him to it.

This year the winner of the Lifetime Achievement honour was longtime US national team programme coach Jay Hoffman.

Donovan was happy to receive the inaugural honour, speaking at length at the event about how he look up the achievements of Chyzowych on American soccer from the 1960s to the 1980s. He spoke of how persistent he was despite the game being invisible to mainstream sports landscape. Continue reading DONOVAN RECEIVES INAUGURAL WALT CHYZOWYCH AWARD


Frank Lampard recently made known his plan to leave MLS football where he plays for New York City when the season finally comes to an end.

This would however not stop the 38-year old from playing on and just recently, he has been linked with a return to England after Championship side Newcastle showed an interest in the player.

So far in the MLS playoffs, Lampard has shown a lot of success, coming up from below as an underdog in the competition, to score 12 goals in 19 appearances, despite missing spells due to injuries.

Newcastle has been doing quite well in the championship, and signing Lampard would be a good move for them. With Mo Diame in the attacking midfield role and no real quality, playing Lampard in that position would help the team a lot. The duo could both set up Dwight Gayle while Lampard can easily drift into the box to score. Continue reading LAMPARD LINKED TO NEWCASTLE AFTER LEAVING MLS

David Beckham Football franchise still away from getting into MLS

When David Beckham’s Football franchise in America had come into existence, the aim was to take it into the Major League Soccer within three years, but, three years will pass soon since that date and there are no signs of the franchise getting anywhere close to MLS.

Another franchise which is based in Atlanta had also been announced at that same time and its progress has been so good that it is final to appear in the next Major League Soccer.

While there are many things which are obstructing the plans of Beckham’s franchise, the fact that they have chosen Miami as their base hasn’t helped them.

The city although is beautiful in every sense, but, not from the point of view of setting up a Football club simply because it does not have enough land.

The building of the stadium was one of the foremost things to do for Beckham and his colleagues and they were looking for a land in the central area of the city, but, the space for that was unavailable anywhere downtown.

So, the search shifted to the side areas and when a suitable site was found, its purchase got stuck and even up to this point, there are complications in the purchase. Continue reading David Beckham Football franchise still away from getting into MLS

Toronto FC receives a huge blow as Giovinco gets injured

The 2016 season of the MLS is reaching it’s end with less than 10 league matches remaining before the champions can be selected and after 27 matches played, Toronto FC was leading the race as they had collected 43 points from those games and it’s the highest amount from those games.

New York City FC are following them closely behind with 41 points gathered from that same amount of games and New York Red Bulls along with Philadelphia Union are also competing in the race with 40 points.

Unfortunately for Toronto FC, their chances of winning the Eastern Conference for the first time in their history has suffered a huge setback as their top goal-scorer Sebastian Giovinco has picked up an injury which will be leaving him out of action for around 4 weeks.

A statement from Toronto FC confirmed the injury of the Italian attacker as the statement reads: “Sebastian Giovinco has been diagnosed with strains in his quadriceps and adductor. He is expected to be out of the line-up for 4 weeks.”
Continue reading Toronto FC receives a huge blow as Giovinco gets injured

Jeff Cassar reckons a goalkeeper can make a great captain

Jeff Cassar reckons a goalkeeper can make a great captain and a coach as whatever matches he plays in his career; he always has the whole view of the action from his position.

All the offensive moves of the opposition are created in front of the goalie of the team and at the same time, he also has a close look at the work of the defence of his own team. So, he develops quite a feel of the game standing between the sticks and is well equipped for a leader’s role.

However, Cassar also feels that leading in any capacity, be as a captain or a coach, is about having communicative skills as well.

The no. of goalies working as the managers of the clubs worldwide is pretty low. Cassar, who was a shot stopper by trade himself during his playing career, took up coaching in 2007 and ever since, has been climbing the ladders as a coach, improving himself every season.
Continue reading Jeff Cassar reckons a goalkeeper can make a great captain

Giovani Dos Santos earns Mexico call-up after good form in the MLS

Giovani Dos Santos has earned a well-deserved call-up for the Mexico national team after impressing in the MLS. Indeed, the LA Galaxy player has managed 5 goals and 5 assists in the 5 last league matches he played. However, he chose to decline the invitation without giving any reason.

Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has stated that Giovani dos Santos has been invited to form part of the team that will take part in the Copa America but that he had declined the invitation. He said that the Mexico staff has been impressed by dos Santos recent form and that they wanted him to be part of the team.

When asked about the reason given by dos Santos, Juan Carlos Osorio did not want to give any further information saying that such conversation is confidential and that it will be unethical for him to reveal any other information without the approval of Giovani dos Santos.

Dos Santos was live on radio when the Mexico head coach was announcing the players who were selected. He did not choose to react live but did make a series of tweets afterward. Continue reading Giovani Dos Santos earns Mexico call-up after good form in the MLS


Even though much is not heard from former Liverpool player, Ryan Babel, when information regarding his team in the United Arab Emirate pops up, Ryan doesn’t get much action. The left winger who is only 29 years old joined Al-Ahin FC this season for 1.88 million Pounds from Kasimpasa.

The Dutchman played for almost all the youth football stages for his country. He played in the Under-17, the Under-19, The Under-20, the Under-21 and Under-23 before eventually playing for the national team in 2005. The winger has 5 international goals in 43 appearances for his country.

He was part of the Netherlands men national team that placed second in the 2010 World cup in South Africa. The Netherlands were eventually defeated by Spain.

Ryan Babel had a relatively successful senior career spell at Ajax where he played from 2004 to 2007. Within those years, the left winger scored 14 goals in 73 appearances for the Dutch club.

Since moving to UAE, he played the first few games in august to December. He scored his first goal against Sharjah FC in the 2-1 victory. Ryan Babel made two assist within his first five games. The first was in the match against Al-Wasl where Al-Ahin FC emerged victorious with two unreplied goals. The second assist was against Sharjah FC. He was brilliant in the match as he grabbed a goal and set up the other. Continue reading RYAN BABEL NOT SEEN MUCH ACTION