19 thoughts on “Aston Villa thrash Arsenal 10-1 (Barclays Premier League Reserves)

  1. Try being the CREATORS of the world’s first league and try being England’s first dynastic club.

    Try being the most successful club for EIGHT UNBROKEN DECADES 1901-1978.

    Try being a top flight club for over a hundred years.

    Try earning success and not buying it (like Arsenal in the 1930’s and 1990’s).

    Try not cheating and bribing your way into top flight football (like Arsenal)

    Try being England’s ORIGINAL giant club: AVFC.

    Villa will always be a greater club that little old Arsenal.

  2. so you seen arsenal win all the did you??? nah you never what you on about villa’s has two bad seasons wasn’t that long ago we finished 6th three times on the trot your just having a cry because rvp on his way out.

  3. Oh please you dont even remember them winning the European Cup seeing as you was born in 88 i assume. Try being the third most successful english club behind liverpool and man united. Try winning the league 13 times including 3 premier league trophies then and try do it unbeaten in a season too. Also try not battle to relegation every season too

  4. No they didn’t…January 2011 I think is when they bought Miyaichi but wouldn’t play this match and chamberlain was bought in summer 2011

  5. To all the Villa fans that are worrying, don’t. These reserves will eventually come up into the main team and Villa will be back to their best

  6. Although Villa deserved this we are still the better team and have the best reserves squad in Britain. But Villa do have an amazing youth setup.

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