24 thoughts on “Aston Villa players in brawl outside Gatecrasher nightclub in Birmingham

  1. From this video, I don’t see fab or james doing anything wrong. Herd’s 23. He’s bound to make silly mistakes like this, and due to this incident we probably won’t hear anything of the sort from now on, he’ll be more careful. He’s one of Villa’s best prospects, and he should be forgiven for one stupid mistake.

  2. Lol I was there that night. On a staff night out. Our own bouncers went and get involved. Pretty funny night 😛

  3. so fkn what? cunt must of had a blue tie on ,ole gunner at the villa ??? cum on lerner,u aint got a fkn clue have ya?

  4. Oh well you clearly support an amazing team you carry on slagging a Premier League Team when you’ve just been promoted to the Championship LOL

  5. Think you find it’s impossible for Villa to go down and like how you don’t mention the club you support. Wise choice i’m guessing HA

  6. see you in the championship aston villa, where you belong. big club!? HA

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